Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Show business is my business now! 

Today was the end of Tara's theatre workshops. Back to school next week. We were invited to watch a performance showing the songs and dances they had learned over the summer.

We get there, and see a child at the door rattling a can for voluntary donations whilst the other twenty children are singing. That child is Tara. All well and good, I think. She's one of the littlest, cutest kids.

When all the parents have arrived, the children are assembled to sit in silence in front of the mics. There is one child speaking to her neighbor. That child is Tara.

During a routine, the children have to suddenly leap up and smile. One child is pulling a grotesque face. That would be Tara.

In the middle of the performance, a child has to go to the bathroom. The only child in the whole damn group that needed to do so. Name that child!

I watched in horror, as she proceeded to disgrace me. Deliberately facing in the wrong direction, refusing to sing songs I know she knows, and trying to engage other children in conversation mid-performance.

At the end of this fiasco, Tara is given the microphone, and says, "Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoyed my show."

It got a laugh from the audience. Guess who wasn't laughing?

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