Sunday, July 03, 2005

What? You lying fucker! 

I had just started to calm down about this, but he wouldn't let it lie. (no pun intended)

Mr Blair said: "I think London's bid is fantastic, we're really proud of it.

"It's got the support of the British people, of all the political parties, and the country's right behind it."

Is that so? Okay..

1. When was the last time Mr Blair was stuck in London traffic trying to get his child to hospital before she bled to death? No one wants even more of it!It's bad enough that commuters have to pay The Congestion Charge to get to work in the first place.

2. London has enough foreigners in it already. Thanks to Mr Blair's wonderful immigration policy, 1% of the country is an illegal immigrant. One in one hundred! You kept that quiet until after the election, didn't you?

3. I don't like Europeans. I didn't not fight in two World Wars for them to come over here and piss me off, the arrogant bastards. Italians are alright, because they are good looking, and invented pizza, but the rest of them can fuck off.

4. Who will foot the bill? Me. And all the other people I know who are certainly not "right behind it". Council Tax will go up, and my friends in town can barely pay their outrageous mortgages as it is.

5. In case you hadn't noticed, we are at War. The G8 Summit is next week, and you think this is an acceptable way to spend your time? Bollocks.

6. This will be the biggest waste of money since The Millennium Dome. Alex told me that the steaming pile of shite that it is, is biodegradable. Is that true? Jesus Wept! It wouldn't surprise me.

7. Where are my meds?

8. How long can you make Tony's nose? Try it. It's very therapeutic. You can do Mr Bush, too, if so inclined.

For the record, I'm not "anti-Blair". There are worse out there. Much worse. But to totally ignore the wishes of your people, and then to publicly lie about it really fucking annoys me.

Live 8 was a surprisingly positive event for us yesterday. So many people promoting fair, free trade...a given, I should think in any democracy, and where is Tony? Doing fucking publicity!

(Apologies for the language. Blame the BBC. No, I'm not drunk. Not yet, anyway.)

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