Friday, July 22, 2005

We don't call them "bombers", in our family. 

I do hope that many of you have not been repeatedly submitted to the atrocity that is, "Annie!". We, however are having to cope with the poxy DVD being on constantly, as Tara is involved in a summer workshop production, and needs to learn the lyrics: "It's the hard on life", is a bad habit that she needs to break. Fast. (She is having trouble with the American accents)

We were at my parents house today, and she was talking them through the story, whilst showing them the bits she knows. It got to the scene in Oliver Warbuck's office, where the intrepid "Sandy" saves him from assassination.

Our attention was momentarily distracted as we started to discuss something in the newspaper, when she yelled:

"Look! You all have to watch this bit. Some bastard's trying to blow them up!"


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