Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I still like the car even though it tried to kill me. 

We had to pick up some things from PC World this evening, and because it was "meet your child's new teacher" evening, we had to go after that. I hate PC World. I hate hate hate it. As you know, I know sod all about computers, and Alex knows lots. It is never a quick trip to that place because Alex knows the relative merits of different pieces of kit, and will make deliberations, whereas, before I met him, I would just march in there and buy the most expensive whatever-I-needed that I could afford and that was that.

This evening, I wisely brought a book along, and decided to wait in the car as he got out with Tara. She doesn't mind PC World, as there are lots of swivel chairs she can play on.

They had only just gone into the store, and it was hot outside. The windows were closed so I went to open the door for some air.

It didn't open.

The door handle was locked. I completely panicked. I don't like enclosed spaces at the best of times, and the prospect of being shut in a metal box for at least thirty minutes terrified me.

I broke into a sweat as I registered that Alex had not left the keys in the car. I had no heavy object with which to smash the windows, and nobody was around.

I tried the window catch, but it wouldn't budge, probably because my hand was shaking, and slippery. Nobody around, still.

By now, I was clammy and starting to just gulp the oxygen in the car, even though I knew that wasn't a smart thing to do. I couldn't help it. I prayed someone would come by and I would be in a fit state to yell at them to get help.

I was in that state for ten minutes, although it felt like hours... wondering how long the oxygen would last, and not wanting to waste energy shouting at nobody.

Luckily, I tried the door again, and this time it opened. I got out and leant against the car breathing the sweet air.

Chances are, another five minutes and I would have been breaking my head on the window trying to escape.

I don't like confined spaces, but I can deal with them if there is a way out.

What are your fears, or moments of utter panic?

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