Monday, July 04, 2005


Tara saw the Bashir documentary about Michael Jackson when it was first broadcast. Well, it was on one evening when she decided that three hours sleep was quite enough, thank you, and had sidled downstairs without me knowing. She didn't see much of it, but it was enough to keep her up a further three hours.

"I didn't like that scary man", she cried. "Who was that?". "That was Michael Jackson", I replied. And not being one to miss an amusing parenting opportunity, I subsequently said that if she ever wandered away from the adult in charge, then Michael Jackson was sure to come and get her.

It seemed funny at the time, but it led to quite an embarrassing conversation with her pre-school teacher, so I stopped mentioning it. Now, I think, she has forgotten.

If this is true, let it be the latter!

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