Monday, July 18, 2005

..and they say Americans are geographically challenged? I do not think so. 

Those closer to me will know that this has been bothering me for a week or more, but I would like to get your opinion.

I was watching the weather forecast with a *cough* close family member, and a map of Western Europe appeared. Not only could this person not identify Spain, France, Italy or Ireland, but she also failed to recognize England, and where we are located in the country.

I was astonished. How can you get to the age of thirty, and not know that?

This person has a driver's license, and a baby who is permanently strapped into a car-seat. The child cannot pull himself up from a laying, to a sitting position, let alone walk. He is 16 months old. His legs are strong enough to bear his weight, but he has no muscle in his waist and back. No balance to speak of. He is as mutilated as little Chinese girls with bound feet.

Am I right to be worried, or should I accept that, "People don't have to be constantly learning things. Why should they have books in their house? They just want to live their lives. Not everyone is like you".

I would argue that people do need to learn. I was most amused to hear that the most financially successful of my ex-neighbors booked a dream holiday to Florida for his family, and missed the flight because his ticket said 0500 hours, and he arrived at the airport at five in the afternoon.

Please give me your two cents. If I didn't live with Alex, I would swear the world is going madder than ever.

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