Monday, June 27, 2005

The Force is strong in this one. 

Pitch your wits against The Sith. Think of an object, and let Lord Vadar guess it in 20. He taunts you throughout, so do not let your mind betray you!

Apparently, I would be a valuable asset to The Dark Side. It took him 28 questions to guess I was thinking of an avocado!

UPDATE: I'm thinking this should be a competition (Unless it's so old people are bored with it) Can anyone get fifty questions out of him?

UPDATE: I just tried "handcuffs". First question: "Does it cheer you up?" LOL!
Second question: "Is it an everyday household item?" ROFLMAO! Other questions included, "Does it get really hot?", "Can you use it with friends?", "Is it hard?", and "Does it provide entertainment?". I beat him, but it was on an options list at the end. It's been added now, so it won't be so easy next time!

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