Friday, May 06, 2005

KotK # 3: When Doting Grandmothers Attack! 

Tara was the first Grandchild. A girl, and a fairly pretty one, at that (Apart from the baldness) Consequently, I was inundated with gifts of clothes. Not the sort of comfortable, practical clothes that I liked to dress her in. Oh no. The fussier, the better. Practically every day, my Mother would come with something new, which she would be politely thanked for, God love her...and the Frilly Monstrosities would hang in the closet until they were outgrown.

Within a few weeks, my Mum cottoned on to the fact that I wasn't about to dress my daughter up like a doll. Hell, I never even liked dolls when I was little. So she craftily took to keeping these items at her own house.

Here's Tara at two months. August. Heatwave. The first time my parents babysat her. See how cool she looks?

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And here's the sight that greeted my eyes when I came to collect her:

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Christ Almighty!

Talk about a Tricked-Out Baby!

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