Monday, May 02, 2005

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It's our second, and we've had another wonderful turnout this week. Thank you all so much for your stories and pictures!

As a courtesy to our previous hostess, first up is VW, of One Happy Dog Speaks. The young VW obviously had a premonition that one day her Seventies clothing may be mocked, so she sensibly opted for nothing at all.

Here, Harvey treats us to a picture of his sister washing out his mouth with soap. Another premonition at work, perchance? I suspect that Harvey has also been sneakily posting his baby-pics on other sites, after I came across this:

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The fabulously named, Oddybobo, of Boboblogger, presents her blue-eyed boy. Be warned. It's an "ovary-pinger!"

Jody, of Iowa Geek shares her husband's beautifully-written tribute to new beginnings. Pictures of the gorgeous Brenna-Clare are here.

Army Wife, Toddler Mom has captioned these photos of her Little Angels. Aren't they alike?

Susie, at Practical Penumbra has one of the funniest pictures I've ever seen! It's her newest niece.

More Funny Stories:

The Deputy Headmistress at The Common Room has kids who really need to go to bed, and Tinker, of The Secret Life of Shoes, shares the results of a science project gone wrong. Yikes!

The Eponymous Jennifer, of Jennifer's World sent photographic evidence of how much her children really love each other. Between fights, that is..

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I'll bet she wishes she gets a dollar for every time someone says, "those eyelashes are wasted on a boy!"

Carnival-Meister, Ferdinand T. Cat of The Conservative Cat is justifiably proud. I wish I had a natural talent for working with computers, instead of a natural talent for breaking them...

Next up is Amy, of Prochein Amy, with a picture of herself as a kid. What a smile!

As an extra-special entry, we have Amy's Mom, Primodonna's, very first blog post! Great story.

Jeff, the Ponytailed Conservative, sends this lovely story, and picture. Beautiful..

Pam, of CampHappyBadFun has a picture of her sweet Natie. Don't you love the way happiness just shines out of those eyes?

Boudicca, of Boudicca's Voice, links back to this hilarious tale of Pungent Piggies. I wonder if I should buy shares in Gold bond Foot Powder?

I can't be sure, but I think this picture is the result of a play date Contagion and Grau had at T1G's house when they were babies. Who knows?

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My (late) entry is here, and that's all for this week! If I missed your entry, or your link doesn't work, let me know at karnival(DOT)kidz(AT)gmail(DOT)com, and I'll fix it ASAP.

Prochein Amy has kindly volunteered to be next week's hostess. Boudicca will be presenting KOTK # 4. Thank you, ladies! The next spot is up for grabs, so if you're interested, drop us a line at the address above, and we'll get some sort of rota set up!

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