Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Pope - According to Tara 

On Friday, I asked Tara if she had been praying for The Pope at school, and she said, "no".

On Monday, I asked her if The Pope had been mentioned at all, and she just looked confused.

Today, we got notification that the school is to be closed on Friday as a mark of respect, so I asked her again. I got a blank look.

It was only when I mentioned the words, "John Paul", that she knew what I was talking about. It transpired that the children were called into the assembly hall to watch the removal of the body on T.V today. Here are the things Tara gleaned from the experience:

1. John Paul loved us all.

2. John Paul was very ill, and it was sad.

3. John Paul had a funny hat.

4. And a stick.

5. All the people were laughing at his hat, as he went past.

6. He had a face like this (Imagine small child screwing face up as if in agony)

In my opinion, all children should be sent to Catholic school, just for the comedy value!

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