Monday, March 07, 2005

That's "Collector" to you! 

The best part of my childhood was learning to read, and the books I read growing up. I still have the illustrations to nursery rhyme books I had as a toddler in my head. Sadly, un-googleable, but there you go.

However, due to the fact that Ladybird books dominated the UK in the Seventies, I can access a whole lot of memories online.

I learned to read using their "look and say", method. It worked for me. I'm using a synthetic phonics method with my daughter, and that's working for her. But even the sight of the covers of the "Peter and Jane" books thrill me. Peter and Jane were the best friends an English child could have.

Whenever I was in town with my mother, she'd buy me one of these books. Fairy tales, mostly. They were cheap, yes, but the artwork...

I started collecting Ladybird books from my childhood when I first became a teacher.
School inspectors frown on having books in the library that are more than ten years old so, rather than throw them out, I'd take them home.

My husband thought I was mad for keeping them. We've way more books than we have space for as it is.

Recently, we discovered a couple of out of the way old bookshops. Where the books are piled all over in dusty heaps, and they'll buy the books you bought in regular bookshops from you. We took about £30 worth of nearly new books to sell and...

Lo and Behold! A little plastic basket full of old Ladybird books! At least 70 of them!

Only £1 each!

After showing this basket to my husband and declaring that I was not crazy, wanting these things, he let me buy a couple.

I'm not sure that, "See! I'm not the only person to love this" is applicable, on the internet, but that's my excuse.

I have found my

Scroll down to the "Cinderella" post. Where he says, "It's the dresses that most people remember". He doesn't know it, but he's talking about me.

In the books for sale section, that Cinderella is number one.

I covet a copy of "Snow White and Rose Red", since I'm now limiting my collection to the girly princess books of the series.
I have Rapunzel, Goldilocks etc... It's the only one missing.

Which books are memorable to you?

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