Sunday, March 27, 2005

Hold the Easter Eggs! Soap and Water Needed. 

Blogsister Tammi, of Road Warrior Survival has been sharing memories of Easter.

I didn't have one that really stood out.

Until today.

We were all sitting round the dinner table. My Mum, Dad, Alex, Tara, Sis, her husband and Gorgeous Baby Nephew. I'd finished, and was spoonfeeding GBN when Tara announced that she had a "joke". I prepared myself for the surrealism that would surely follow, and to fake a smile and a laugh:

Tara: What did the zebra say to the other zebra?

My Dad: I don't know, Darling. What did the zebra say to the other zebra?

Tara: It said..."P**S OFF!"

It wasn't so much the calmly and innocently delivered obscenity, but the look on my Dad's face, before he went red, and started to choke. The rest of the company hadn't heard the "joke" itself, only the punchline, and were explaining that "P**S OFF", is not a nice thing to say, and asking her where she'd heard the expression.

I literally collapsed laughing behind GBN's highchair, sending my sister into fits of giggles as she witnessed me having to crawl into the kitchen, tears and mascara rolling down my face, without Tara seeing me.

No. I'm not gonna forget this Easter in a hurry...

UPDATE: Here's Gorgeous Baby Nephew clearly enjoying the hilarity. I'm behind the chair, and my Sis is blocking the light :-P

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The Aftermath:

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