Thursday, March 03, 2005

"Creatures Crawl in Search of Blood"... 

...to terrorise Michael's neighbourhood.

What do you think of the trial reconstructions? They're shown twice per day here. Observations so far:

1) The MJ lookalike? Always worth a laugh. Especially in "glaring at Martin Bashir" mode.

2) The actors playing the lawyers. Aren't they having a great time? They're enjoying themselves immensely, and it shows. I don't know about how happy the defense attorney is, though. He must have to be in "hair" at about 3am...

3) The lady journalist presenting this programme is hilarious! I so wish you could hear her saying, in a terribly proper English accent, that the defendant's mother would be portrayed as, a "crack, whore" My husband and I collapsed in giggles hearing this delivery. The phrase isn't common here by all means, although, "your Mum's a slapper" certainly is. For some reason, we spent the next hour falling about laughing over variations of this.

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