Monday, February 28, 2005


The U.K National Curriculum for 4 year olds sets targets in I.C.T that, to be honest, are outdated. Last I checked, they had to be able to operate a tape-recorder, of all things. Excuse me? That's I.T history!

When I started teaching, my third grade equivalent classroom came fully equipped with... a BBC computer. I spent the whole year fielding questions from pupils about where the mouse was, and why the graphics were so bad, before I told my Boss it should be relegated to the "Historical Artefacts" box.

Then I was given a real, Windows, machine!

Someone, in their infinite wisdom, had put "Talking First Word" on it. So what does your average young teacher do with such software? Exactly what the average kid would do with it, of course!

Oh, the cuss words, I could get it to say. In so many different accents! Great fun.

Which brings me back to the National Curriculum.

Tara knows all the target vocab: point; click; drag; drop; right-click; open; close; maximize; mimimize; cursor...

However, I do feel she's learnt the most useful, and by that, I mean, most frequently used, non-curricular vocab from observing her parents, my husband in particular.

I'd like to re-write the vocab list to include, at least...


"Just WORK, you useless piece of S**T!"

"B***ocks to you Microsoft, you W**ky heap of C**P!"

Some lessons in smacking the desk wouldn't go amiss either.

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

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