Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Heh, heh...She said, "Bone"... 

Following email conversation with Blog-Niece V.W, of One Happy Dog Speaks...

I've been incredibly lucky when it's come to broken bones. Just had two. The first came from tripping up, and subsequently somersaulting down six stairs when I still lived at home. Oh, the fearlessness of the teenager. I leapt back up the stairs and was all set to do it again, when I realised that my arm looked...odd.

Being a teenager, however, that wasn't going to stop me washing and styling my hair and putting on make-up before I left for the hospital.

Who was that person?

The second was more serious.

Alex and I have often joked about the "invisible bungee-cord" that attaches my daughter to me. Forget "Stalking 101", she has an almost Jedi-like ability to track my movements.

"I sense a disturbance in The Force. Mommy has unlocked the bathroom door."

On this occasion, I was innocently putting clothes away, when she decided to sidle up behind me and leave a toy just where I was going to step back. I literally went off my feet backwards, and smashed the very base of my spine into the sharp corner of a dresser.

Yes, it hurt. I decided to put the T.V on, secure everything, and rest. The problem came when I tried to get up too quickly.

Instant blackout.

I'd never felt pain like that before. Pain that slices you to your core. I woke up a few minutes later, and resolved to move more slowly until this "bruise" healed. Then I just carried on as normal. Until it happened again, a few days later.

I knew, of course, that my Doctor wouldn't be able to do anything, but I couldn't risk this sort of thing happening while I was in charge of a young toddler, so eventually, I dragged myself into the surgery.

From where I was sent for an emergency X-Ray.

And a huge lecture.

"Young Lady, the reason you've had this pain is because the jagged parts of your broken spine are cutting into the mass of nerves in the base of your spinal cord. You're lucky you didn't sever it."


I was then offered a body cast, and drugs.


And who would look after my baby?

In the end, I persuaded the Doctor that I'd had this injury for the best part of a week with no pain relief, so, really, I could cope. But, I'll tell you. Something that doesn't heal right away is scary. You think, "I'll never be the same again!". When you're still young, (Well, I was in my twenties), it's beyond comprehension.

I injured my hand over New Year's (Don't ask...I don't know.) Now I can't easily bend my thumb down to my wrist, which I can do with my other hand as usual. It's not bothering me much, now I'm older.

What are your worst injuries?

I'm asking, because, knowing my readers, you'll have a damn sight more colourful tales to tell than mine ;-)

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