Friday, February 25, 2005

Gun Culture Upside 

(Badly copy and pasted from today's Popbitch)

Just prior to his death Hunter S Thompson
invented a new sport, Shotgun Golf, with Bill
Murray. His description:

"The game consists of one golfer, one shooter
and a field judge. The purpose of the game
is to shoot your opponent's high-flying golf
ball out of the air with a finely-tuned
12-gauge shotgun, thus preventing him (your
opponent) from lofting a 9-iron approach
shot onto a distant "green". Points are
scored by blasting your opponent's shiny
new Titleist out of the air and causing
his shot to fail miserably. After that,
you trade places and equipment, and move
on to round two.

Go out this weekend and play it in tribute.

Sounds fun, doesn't it? Just make sure you don't end up here!

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