Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Darkness falls across the land. Michael's trial is close at hand... 

You've got to hand it to Michael Jackson. The man's an incredible entertainer. Twice, today, he's made me laugh.

First, I see this story about his "Star" witnesses. Am I the only person to imagine Stevie Wonder on the stand saying he'd never seen Michael behaving inappropriately around children?

Now, he's been rushed to hospital with "flu". My first thought was, "Oh, he probably just sneezed, or something." But if you're Michael Jackson, that's actually really bad! I mean, his whole face could fall off if he isn't careful.

On a more serious note, I really hope the truth comes to light. The Jordy Chandler thing made a mockery of the justice system. The fact that Debbie Rowe sold her children is inexcusable. And if the real victim, whether it's Jackson or the boy is established, they should be compensated with justice. Not dollars.

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