Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Who You Gonna Call? 

Tara has been back at school for two days. Today she came home with a Fire Safety Awareness pack, which I went through with her. As you may know, our Emergency Services are "999", not "911". I'm all for changing it. Tara managed to dial it three times before the age of eighteen months. Maybe she just likes men in uniform. They're not so great when you're getting a lecture because your child has tied up the lines for three seconds, I can tell you. And it's laughable because the response times are stupid here. Really stupid.

Anyway. I agree in principle, so I asked her if she knew the number to dial for the Fire Brigade. She knew. Then I asked her if you should ever, ever dial "999" if there wasn't a real emergency. She replied, "I know! You should call 666 instead!"

I suppose it has a screwy sort of logic to it: "Hello? 666? Just calling to let you know everything's just fine here!"

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