Friday, January 07, 2005

Evil Glenn's Windfall: A (Llame) Filthy Lie. 

Alex and I went to our local pub tonight, safe in the knowledge that The Munchkins would have long since drunk their Welfare Check, and wouldn't be there. As luck wouldn't have it, there was a Karaoke Competition going on.

We settled ourselves into a corner and tried to ignore it. Some idiot had obviously taken over, as "Money Money Money", was followed by, "We're in the Money", and "Let's make lots of Money". At first, we thought it was only Harvey, but as we made our way toward the stage, we realised it was much worse! There stood Glenn Reynolds, grinning like a maniac as he body-popped away to "Money", by Floyd.

Sally: Evil Glenn! What the hell are you doing?

Evil Glenn: Celebrating! I could dance until the sun comes up.

Sally: But it's last orders!

Evil Glenn: Indeed! So there's no time for the long dialogues we usually have. Now off with you...before I start to think you have no home to go to.

Sally: Okay, okay, we're going. Won't you at least tell me something I can report back to The Alliance?

Evil Glenn: *Singing* "I like knee socks and sandals, I'm crazy 'bout Penguins..."
Are you two still here? You'd better get back before the deadline if you want to tell Filthy Lies about how I'm spending my cash!

Oh, that wicked, wicked man. Not only would he not tell us, but he chased us all the way home on his moped!

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