Friday, January 14, 2005

Evil Glenn - US Attorney General? 

I was reading the news today, and wondering whether Prince Philip was feeling proud of his grandson, when it struck me that Evil Glenn's British Counterblogger had posted something on the same (ish) subject!

I searched around for the number for Buckingham Palace, which Liz had scribbled down on a beer mat for us during a "knees up" in the pub one night, and dialled it. I was told to press 7 for "Evil Eye For The Royal Guy Valet Services". I had no doubt who the culprit was:

Sally: Hello? Would you like the position of US Attorney General?

Evil Glenn: Indeed, no! I'm having too much fun here!

Sally: But it's wrong! The majority of British people will be doomed to Google exactly how German the Prince is...Just out of curiosity!

Evil Glenn: Are you saying he'll be discriminated against for wearing the emblems of his ancestors?

Sally: Well it seems he still has a place at Sandhurst afer a double "gap" year.

Evil Glenn: "Gap"! Bah! I told him he should be wearing more appropriate uniform.

Sally: Uniform?

Evil Glenn: Heh. I don't see what's wrong with the position of UberUnterSchlossenTaxenHeimlichManoeuvrenOberinterFuhrehr! I should imagine he's as happy in his job as I am! Look at the havoc I've caused...Your Royal Family are as thick as...

Sally: So you don't want to be George Bush's lawyer?

Evil Glenn: Oh, he does his own P.R. Even I couldn't make him look worse!

Sally: Don't disunderestimate him!

Evil Glenn: Aren't you tired?

Sally; Well now you come to mention it...

Evil Glenn: So you won't be needing transport to Harvey's comment party then

Sally: Oh, go on...Saddle us up a llama and we'll hop to Wisconsin.

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