Wednesday, December 29, 2004

When Google Isn't Enough 

This is a plea for help.

We were watching "I Robot", yesterday, and it was driving me so mad wondering where I'd seen the female lead before, that I had to stop the movie to look it up. Ten seconds later, problem solved. Not so with this one:

I read an article about a year ago, describing a small town in the U.S, which I think may be called "Paradise". I'm not sure, but I believe it to be in the North-East. Anyway, the citizens of this town have to comply with hundreds of regulations in order to keep it perfect. Right down to the length of their lawn. I'm pretty sure that cars are banned also. For some strange reason, I want to read more about it, but I don't remember enough to search for it!

Can anyone out there please enlighten me?

(Gratuitous linkage promised)

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