Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'll have a pink, pink, pink, pink Christmas... 

Maybe it's just Holiday stress, but I'm seriously considering sending this to Mattel:

Obviously, you don't have kids of your own. You spend your days sitting in offices designing and marketing clothes and dolls to children who don't have the damn manual dexterity to get the clothes on and off the doll!

Honestly, the number of times I've dressed and redressed the stupid things! And they are really fiddly to dress. Half the sleeves are made of sheer, thin material, so the hands get stuck, or tear through the fabric. The other clothes are, naturally, skintight. I can barely do it, let alone a four year old. What makes it worse is that I know there'll be three more of the Items of Utter Evil in the house come Christmas.

What do you think I should suggest to Mattel? Amish Barbie?

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