Saturday, December 11, 2004

Horror of Horrors 

It had to happen sooner or later.

A Christmas card from The Munchkins was lying on the floor when we got home today.

I could'nt not send them a card in return. I really couldn't. So...

Me: Tara, here are the cards for the neighbours. Would you like to draw some holly on the corner of the envelopes?

Tara: Yes please.

Me: Good girl. When you've finished, you can post them with Daddy.

(Ten minutes later)

Tara: We posted all the cards, but Daddy said we need to do this one again!

Me: Why? That's lovely holly! Let me see.

Tara: I know that word. That's "The", and that's a "M", for "Mummy".

Me: Oh dear Lord...

Alex: You addressed the envelope to "The Munchkins"!


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