Thursday, December 23, 2004

Boudicca's Voice 

Treasured blog-sister, Boudicca, surprised me last night by telling me she would like to call me today. How lovely was that?! Christmas has been a nightmare this year, but today I actually had something to look forward to! I must have told Tara ten times that my friend "all the way from America" would be calling.

Then I got nervous. I'm not good on the phone at all. Alex gets frustrated with me sometimes because I take ages to write a post, or e-mail. It has to be just right before I post, comment or send something. What would I say? I thought about the things I wanted to say to her, but when the phone rang, my mind was a complete blank!

Bou is as warm, interesting and funny as her writing is. Alex got to talk to her as well, and that was good. I'm so grateful that I spoke to a member of my wonderful blogfamily. Thank you so much!

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