Friday, November 12, 2004

'Twas the Devil's Brew... 

About once every few months, something happens which means I can't be bothered to prepare lunch, so Tara gets fast food. Our local chip shop does a "small" portion of chips, (of which I usually throw half away, once I've oven baked them to get rid of most of the oil), and a sausage. Included in the price is a "soft" drink. The drinks in question are so far removed from my idea of what is appropriate to give someone you love, that I usually decline them.

Usually, lunch is a meat and/or cheese sandwich, raw veggies, yoghurt, fruit and milk. We had a tough day yesterday, and Tara missed dinner, so it was decided that a lunch of salt, fat and sugar would be acceptable.

Alex took her out to fetch the offending foodstuff, and she returned saying, "Guess what, Mummy? I've got a fizzy drink!"

"You have?", I said, knowing full well that Alex had only let her have this because she would be staying with my sister, and we wouldn't have to deal with the effect of chemicals on small child.

"Yes! It is a Drink of Evil!", she replied.

Luckily, she's so used to not having soda, she insisted that I dilute it, as I dilute her juice.

I used the rest of it to clear the sink of limescale and to dissolve food particles. Scarily, it was very effective.

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