Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This week I will be Mostly Eating... 

Mashed Potato with butter and raisins.

Seriously. And I'm not even pregnant!

This came about when I was cooking with Tara earlier. Mashed potato "face" with sausages and sweetcorn for "hair", green peppers for "eyebrows", red pepper "mouth" and carrot "nose". She suggested the raisins for eyes, and I made the usual noises...

What a good idea, honey. Raisins are circular, like eyes, and healthy too!

...whilst inwardly resisting the urge to puke. Honestly, the nausea-inducing, stomach-churning food combinations kids come up with...

But I tried it, and it tasted great!

And no, I'm not pregnant.

I've always eaten odd things, like toasted bacon sandwiches with strawberry jam. Alex despairs of me sometimes. He won't like this new development either!

Which weird recipe will you not be entering in The Carnival?

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