Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Look! No hands! 

I learnt something new today:

(From the Driving Theory Test Booklet)

A disabled person with no arms

a) Would not be allowed to take a driving test
b) May take and pass a driving test
c) Could not meet the requirements of a driving test
d) Must always have an accompanying driver.

The correct answer is b) provided the car is adapted specially.

I think it's great that differently-abled people aren't being discriminated against in this respect.

Personally speaking, should I be unfortunate to be missing two limbs, I'd be kind of protective about others, and would not be on the roads, particularly given the fact that a lot of drivers appear to be missing a brain.

(Yeah, I've finally decided to learn to drive, and Alex is teaching me. There'll be regular updates as our healthy relationship disintegrates into bitter acrimony, and we bring the lawyers in.)

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