Thursday, November 25, 2004

I'm Thankful For...Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

As you know, we don't celebrate it, so it's fish 'n' chips, tea and crumpets as usual for us. But Thanksgiving traditions helped me out last year.

The school Christmas Concert theme was, "Christmas Around The World". Each class would represent a country and do a turn, which could include poems, songs, plays etc...Here's the gist of the conversation I had with Sue, a senior colleague:

Sue: Which country are you going to do?

Me: America.

Sue: You can't do that! It's not multicultural enough.

Me: America isn't multicultural? I thought you went to New York last year.

Sue: You know what I mean. They don't celebrate Christmas differently to us. Nobody's doing China...

Me: Because they don't celebrate Christmas in China!

Sue: You could dress up six or seven kids as a Chinese Dragon and have them go through the aisles.

Me: Doing what? Pulling a sleigh?

Sue: Why don't you do France?

Me: Absolutely not.

Sue: We've got a huge French flag somewhere and..

Me: Absolutely not.

Sue: So what are your kids going to tell us about Christmas in America then?

Me: Umm...cranberries. Native to America, and...the amarylis. And...traditionally, an English Christmas dinner was roast goose. Wer've adopted the American custom.

Sue: And I suppose you'll get them to say, "Happy Holiday!" in an American accent.

Me: Great! They'll love that.(All English kids use American accents in their imaginary games)

Sue: How are they going to dress? Are we allowed to even mention Cowboys and Indians?

Me: It wouldn't surprise me if that was illegal, actually. I'll get them to bring in red, white and blue clothes. And blue jeans.

Sue: That's what my class usually wear instead of uniform. This could work. You need something really different, though.

Me: I know! Thanksgiving! That's something we don't do!

Sue: Oh, alright. America it is.

Needless to say, our piece was the best in the school. We wasted hours making ticker tape, and sung Christmas songs from old Hollywood musicals. I choreographed the campest dance routine to "Winter Wonderland" I'd ever seen. Heh. You can get seven year olds to do anything. They loved it. Happy days indeed.

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