Thursday, October 21, 2004

Surfing U.S.A 

The last post reminded me of my first experience of Americans on the internet. It wasn't a good one, which is why I'm delighted to find myself amongst so many intelligent, educated, gracious, sweet and funny people in the blogosphere.

I've mentioned that Alex and I used A.I.M when he was away. It'd usually be private messaging, but we'd sometimes go in the rooms and chat to people. One night we were on quite late and something like this happened:

Dave: Oh Christ. Look at the time! It's the Yanking Hour!

Sally: What are you talking about?

Dave: It's when thick American teenagers get home from school and come in here.

Sally: LOL! You're calling someone thick?

Dave: No, really. I just can't be assed to argue with them. They're pathetic.

Alex: Dave's right. For once. It's impossible to argue with these kids.

Sally: I'll have a go!

Alex: It's not just taking the piss, like we do out of Dave. They won't want a serious debate either. If you've got a point to make, they won't have the vocabulary to understand it.

Sally: What's all the fuss about? I like Americans!


U.SboyIQ4: Hello you lilly-livered scumbags! We sent more troops to Irak they you!

Sally: (Laughing) Yes you did. Your country is quite a bit bigger than ours. It's a matter of proportion.


Alex: See?

Dave: What's the wanker saying? I've got that one on "ignore".

Sally: *Click*
Who cares? What were we talking about?

There were plenty of rude, ignorant teenagers from the U.K, of course. Horrible adolescents are sent to try us all! I'd just find it amazing that they'd deliberately go to a U.K chatroom only to be ignored, or laughed at. "The Yanking Hour"... I bet Dave didn't make that up on his own! Sorry Dave *grin*

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