Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Peace Talks Continued... 

Chatting in the comments to this post at Johnny-Oh's reminded me of this.

I was on holiday in Spain. This town was an urbanisation in which most of the houses were owned by people from Ireland. Apparently, they were dancing in the streets when England were knocked out of the World Cup. Here's a conversation I'm surprised I can remember after several drinks. Note: It was good-natured "ritual" insult thing. I've had this sort of exchange several times over the years at family gatherings. It's sort of the way we get aquainted.

Irish People: You took our country.

Me: No I didn't. Besides. You tried to blow up my Dad!

Irish People: Your ancestors did.

Me: My ancestors are Irish.

Irish People: Oh. But you're from England. At least we're Citizens, not Subjects.

Me: Hahahahaha! You obviously don't know me. How can I be a Subject? I don't remember voting for The Queen.

Irishers: You could, under British Law, be tried, and found guilty of Treason...

Me: If I slapped The Queen, for instance? O.K. I'm going to do that, as soon as I get home. And I'll e-mail you all pictures of me not getting sent to prison. Hah! (Spanish vodka is, like 99% proof)

Irishers: We're CITIZENS.

Me: Of EUROPE! You don't even have your own currency! You're citizens of the smallest nation in Europe that has only just got itself an economy! You're citizens of a country surrounded by water that has never even had a Navy!

Irishers: We invented Guinness.


Me: So, my mother's mother was a McCarthy, of Cork...

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