Monday, October 18, 2004

I thought it was "Cook" in the Kitchen? 

I make a point of cooking something new with Tara at least twice a week. That's why I'm a S.A.H.M - so I can do all this stuff. She's an only child, so it's possible. Sometimes, however, I wish I were out doubling our income. Like today.

We decided to make Marmite cheese straws. They were absolutely awful. She'd been messing with the scales, so I didn't put in nearly enough cheese. And the pastry! Because I had a four - year old helping me rub the butter into the flour, well. You can imagine. The expression, "light pastry hands"? Little kids have pastry hands of lead!

And then there was the mess. Pastry and flour everywhere. Oh well, she had fun. And was the only one of us to actually eat the things. Anyway. The upshot of this was that I was looking for something to cook next time and found this quiz:

Are You a Kitchen Slut?

Just out of interest, the recipe book says, "everyone has a warm memory of being in the kitchen with Mom, with all those lovely baking smells". Do you?

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