Saturday, October 23, 2004


Blog-niece VW, of "One Happy Dog Speaks", has a great link for Halloween Costumes.

It got me thinking about the differences between U.S and U.K culture. Over here, the tradition is to dress as something spooky. Ever since I read the "Ramona" books as a child, I knew that in America you dressed up as anything you wanted. It's weird that the U.S custom hasn't made it's way over here yet.

Oh, I'm forgetting the Trick or Treaters that are groups of six-foot teenage boys that have gone to all the trouble of buying a £2 mask, and mumble, "Trick or Treat. Give us money if you like." I keep a stash of Barbie lollipops especially for them.

Anyway. Choice is limited over here. Tara has dressed as a little devil, a pumpkin, and a witch. This year I think she should be something much scarier. What do you think?

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