Friday, October 08, 2004

Evil Glenn's Daydreams - A Filthy Lie 

I ran into Glenn Reynolds at the circus. He had stolen the Ringmaster's top hat, and was hiding it under his Opera Cloak. He was questioning a horrified cashier.

Evil Glenn: So, this Penguin display. What does it entail "exactly"? How does that man use the whip? And what are they wearing? I'm not paying good money to see them "perform" in anything less than latex...

Sally: Evil Glenn! Is there no place I can safely bring my daughter? You've already desecrated the Petting Zoo!

Evil Glenn: Did you know these people are "of no fixed abode"? I wonder if I can...

Sally: Help them after the show please, Glenn. And while you're here, you can tell me what you daydream about.

Evil Glenn: Oh, you know, the usual. Uncloggable blenders, free blood banks, Hillary Clinton

Sally: GAH! What are you doing to the trapeze artist's safety wire? Give me those scissors right now! What else do you daydream about?

Evil Glenn: Well, I think about Human Rights a lot.

Sally: What about them?

Evil Glenn: I want to get them all abolished!

Sally: Hell is full of people like you!

Evil Glenn: Indeed! I try to get down there on the weekends. It helps me relax.

Sally: Any other daydreams?

Evil Glenn: Communism features heavily, of course.

Sally: I suppose in a perfect world, Russia would be the greatest Communist nation on earth?

Evil Glenn: No. The United States would! Muhahahaha!

With that, he glided away and set about herding the clowns into the tiger cage whilst making sure the live webcast was all ready to go.

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