Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Um... It's 2004 actually. 

This today from my daughter's school:

The pupils have supervised access to the international network of computers known as "The Internet". You may have read about this, or seen it on television."

Hello? Am I living in a cave on top of Ben Nevis? I thought I lived in a large commuter town forty minutes away from the centre of London!

It goes on to explain that material of a dubious nature can often be found on this "Internet" thing. Really? That's not the Google *I* know and love!

I know how protected school computers are. I couldn't get anything interesting out of them when I used them. (I wish I'd also known that all the e-mail I was sending to Alex was logged at the server. I might have been more tactful about my colleagues)
Anyway. This is the killer:


As a school user of the internet, I agree to comply with the rules on it's use. I will use the network in a responsible way and observe all the restrictions explained to me by the school.

Then there's space for your four year old to sign and date it.

Well I'm sorry. I expected a cracked version of Norton brought home by the end of term! Government defense codes hacked by Easter! At the very least, the ability to successfully search for XXX Black Peeing Porn.

Oh well. She wrote her name on it. And it did give me a couple of laughs.

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