Friday, September 10, 2004

Three Days In 

and her school is still standing! Incredible! She managed to trip over nothing on the second day, and has a nice bruise on her chin, but she's loving the whole thing.

On the very first day, an older boy came up and told her he loved her. All the other parents laughed, and the boys in her own class backed off.

Today I heard someone say, "Oh, look! The teacher's having to bodily remove that child from the sandpit!". Sure enough, there she was. Let's just say, "proud" was *not* the word I'd use to describe my feelings.

On the up-side, we were amazed to hear the never-before-uttered words, "When's dinner? I'm very hungry".

And she looks so gorgeous in her uniform.
So cute.
So grown-up...


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