Sunday, September 12, 2004

My Claim to Fame 

I saw a feature in a magazine where they stopped people on the street and asked them about their brushes with celebrities etc...

As soon as I read it, I remembered the excruciating humiliation I suffered as a teenager.

At the time, Aled Jones was very famous, and a friend of mine claimed to have met him. I didn't believe her, so I wrote to him to ask if it was true. For a laugh, I added comments along the line of "Mmmm, you're so dreamy, I love you, I've got all your records". I figured this would make him much more likely to reply.

I got a signed photo, but that was it.

The embarrassment came months later, in a T.V documentary about him, in which he mentioned me by name and read the letter I'd sent!

Turns out my friend wasn't lying, and she had met him. Better than being proved right, she also had the satisfaction of seeing me "revealed" as an Aled Jones fan on national television!

My Street Cred has never recovered.

What's your claim to fame?

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