Friday, September 24, 2004

Evil Glenn's Spam: A (Lame) Filthy Lie 

This popped into my inbox today:

Hello, this is Glenn Reynolds Brad again,
are you ready to make the only step necessary to ensure your financial
dreams become a reality? No time to enjoy the sweeter things in life? Your
family perhaps? Your friends? A vacation? Tired of shift work? Allow me to
guide you to freedom!
After shortest time I am now averaging twelvethousand USdollars monthly and
am personally coaching each entrepreneur in our team.
Email me at: Evil Glenn@ puppy-blender.co.za
and put Penguin Porn "FREEDOM Info" in the sub-ject.

You won't regret it.

To re-move yourself, just punch Frank J email to offlist@mighty.co.za with "re-move" in
the sub-ject.

I would've written more, but it's Friday, and I'm tired, the Evil Bastard crashed my computer!

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