Monday, September 06, 2004

And What Do You Do? 

I've often thought my job-description should be "mover". Seriously. It's how I spend my days. I don't mind moving food from to shops, to the fridge, to the oven, to the living room, plates to the sink and back to the cupboards. I don't mind moving clothes from the wardrobe, to the child, from the basket, to the machine, to the airer, to the iron and back to the wardrobe. I don't mind moving dust from the surfaces, or fingerprints from everything.

What I DO hate, is the moving of Tara's toys. She leaves them everywhere. It's a constant battle. When she's not here, I revel in the fact that there will be nothing on the floor for me to move. Anyway, I got to thinking I'd go on strike, and hopefully teach her a lesson at the same time.

This morning I sat and read for an hour and let her have the run of the living room. I was just next door and could hear her. Plus, she came in to me every few minutes, so I knew she was safe. I just didn't go in there. Here's what I found on the floor after the hour was up:

Up-turned lego bucket
Assorted bath toys (?)
Alphabet cards (20 -Of course some were missing)
4 Naked mutilated Barbies
Five Princess dresses
Craft scissors (contraband)
Doll hair (that's why)
14 books
Toast crumbs
2 Princess tiaras
7 assorted Princess shoes
20-piece baby doll accessories
Barbie Castle and 16 accesories
7-piece doll hairdressing set
Newly-broken dolls pram
Plastic whistle (pink of course)
My hairbrush
Her cup
Juice stains
12 colouring pens (two had the lids on)
4 pieces of paper
Torn up kleenex
My diary
3 pieces of fruit with two bites taken out of them
2 photographs
2 towels
wooden spoon from kitchen

Coolly surveying the wreckage, I asked her if she'd like to play with her train-set. This has so many pieces I keep it locked up. "Yes please! But where can we set it up?"
"Hmmm....looks like you've got yourself a problem, Kid".

Still, at least most of these things are hers. We lived for three years with everything we owned kept six feet off the ground. Her "Search and Destroy" missions were legendary.

School starts on Wednesday.
Must stay calm. Repeat. Must stay calm...

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