Saturday, August 14, 2004


I don't really know about adoption in the U.S. When I was born, I was in foster care for three months, as a sort of "cooling off" period for my "birthmom". My parents were informed that there was a baby needing a home, but, just as in nature, they couldn't choose the sex of that baby. Neither did they meet the young girl who gave me up. No money changed hands. It's still like that now, from what I can gather.

However, I'm over the moon for these guys. They had a terrible experience with their last "match". The birthmom changed her mind as they were on their way home with the baby. I can't find the posts regarding this, or the pictures of the baby, and I suspect they've been taken down. I still recall the enrty, though:

"We have cried, we have screamed, we have prayed..."

Awful. I really felt for them. However, I had to admit that a cooling - off period should be in effect to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Surely that would protect everyone?

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