Wednesday, August 04, 2004

"When I was just a little Girl..."

Boudicca has a post entitled, "Someone's Mama Didn't Raise Her Right" ,which is a shocking tale of rudeness and ignorance.

Something about the title struck a chord, however. It reminded me of a couple of years ago, when Destiny's Child released "Survivor". I've always had a sense of the absurd, and that line:

"You know I'll never dis you on the internet,
'Cos my Mama taught me better than that!"

Well, it conjured up images of me sitting my (then) two year old daughter on my knee and lecturing her on how to live her life:

"Always be well - mannered; cross the road safely ; say "no" to drugs; don't fall for Harvey the "if you loved me, you would," line, and above ALL, never EVER dis someone on the Internet! I raised you to be a lady!"

PRAYING for rain here...

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