Friday, August 20, 2004

We're out! 

The Munchkin returned last week. This time she wanted to "borrow" money.

"You know I wouldn't ask, but I need £3 to buy some gas (for their cooker, not for a car. God forbid she should be allowed on the roads). They have some sort of pre - pay system in their house lair. I guess the gas and electric companies don't trust them. With good reason.

In the interests of getting rid of her, I gave her the money.

"I'll pay you back by Tuesday at the latest. And you know, I'll be happy to look after Tara if you two want to go out. Any time at all. We'd love to have her."

I'd rather she looked after my winning lottery ticket.

Well, Tuesday has come and gone, with no sign of her. Best Damn £3 I ever spent!

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