Sunday, August 29, 2004

Time to Revise Our Gun Laws. 

Yes, you guessed it. We were Munchkined again last night. At nine in the evening came a huge series of knocks on the door, waking Tara instantly. There they were. Alex tried to tell them off for knocking so late, and I went to join him in this. I thought of Harvey's advice: Ask them if they've come to return the money. Unfortunately, given their state, it was useless.

I have never in my life seen two people so drunk.

They could hardly stand upright, and didn't seem to take in a word of what we were saying. I doubt very much they'll remember they were ever here when they wake up.

Actually, I'm looking at the title and thinking, if handguns were allowed here, these people would probably be the very first to get one. Scary thought.

It didn't stop me wishing for a hunting rifle though.

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