Monday, August 02, 2004

The Service Provider from Hell

We have our phone, internet and cable T.V provided by the worst company in the world. For various practical reasons they are the only service available to us in this area. And what a useless bunch of utter bastards they are!

You want your T.V service downgraded? Oh no. This simple instruction is much too hard to follow. Two weeks later you discover that you have been UPGRADED, and have had all the most expensive channels added.

You choose the "free local calls after six" option and get a contract saying this is the case. We make all our calls at this time, and dutifully pay our bills. Funnily enough, when you get a moment to check these bills, you find that you have been charged full rate for every one!

Service cut off entirely? Why that would be the reminder letter that you didn't get. Three days after this arrives, the original bill comes through the door. (We can't possibly trust these people not to bankrupt us if we made out a Direct Debit)

Here's a classic. There was someone I needed to call. It was very important that they DIDN'T get our landline number from their caller-display (and our new address from the web) so I phoned the company to ask that our number come up unavailable. I was assured that it would, and made the call. That person ended the conversation with a cheery, "Well I have your new number now, so I'll give you a call back if there are any more problems". I was beyond anger. Especially when our subsequent change of number was changed, get this, SEVEN times on their systems to the point that nobody, neither us nor the company knew what it was. And then some idiot refused to discuss our account with us unless we told him our phone number. I believe what Alex said to that man on the phone had him looking for a new job (and address) the second he hung up.

Shortly afterwards, our daughter had an accident and I needed to call Alex who was working away. I also needed to call my dad, so he could get us to London. An hours drive. Could I dial a cellphone? No. My earlier instructions regarding the phone had been interpreted as "Please bar me from making any calls at all to cellphone numbers". Which language do their customer service people SPEAK?
Tara has a bleeding disorder, and has to get to her specialists like YESTERDAY, and I can't call anyone. Fantastic.

O.K. This is NOT acceptable. And they've made countless other stupid mistakes. Not another penny do they get until we see some compensation. Knowing Alex as I do, we'll get it. If they operated in this disgraceful manner in the U.S, I'm pretty sure the lawyers would have a field day. Anyway. Rant over, and if we're not about for a couple of days, that's why.

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