Friday, August 06, 2004


Alex has been working really long hours over the last fortnight. In this heat. So what does my exhausted man do when he has a spare hour? Collapse? Oh no. He took our resident stalker daughter out to buy presents for all of us!

He got an MP3 gadget for the car (so it's really a present for everyone), I got clothes, Tara got a doll with about fifty changes of bags and shoes and, a DanceMat!

It's so cool! It's one of those things that hooks up to the T.V, and has proved totally addictive. To me, at any rate. This is the very first toy she's had that I've liked. (I'm not counting the cuddly, whirring, beeping R2D2. She wasn't quite born when I bought that).

Perhaps I should bring it to a Comment Party?

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