Monday, August 23, 2004

One Yank and they're Off? 

When Alex lived in the U.S, he was amazed at how much female attention he received on the strength of his accent. Now Alex is from the midlands, and doesn't exactly sound like Hugh Grant. His American girlfriend liked anything British, and this is apparently quite common! He also told me that American guys think all English girls are easy!

This was news to me. Is it true? Are my countrywomen behaving disgracefully over there? Perhaps it's just a reaction to the "arrangements" that were made for the sake of nylons and cigarettes during WWII. I don't know. I'm putting it to you.

Personally, I have to admit that an American accent sounds impossibly glamourous. Probably because I never hear it outside of the movies. Especially a Southern one, on men AND women. (Tara was named as much for the South as she was for the ancient capitol of Eire).

WARNING: All "Yes, English girls ARE easy!" comments MUST be qualified with the statement, "Present company excepted, of course".

And no. Behaviour at comment parties doesn't count.

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