Friday, August 20, 2004

I've Recovered 

From the pulled muscles sustained at our Costume party. Thanks again to everyone who bravely battled blogspot to attend. Boudicca, in particular, had the worst time getting in, but Harvey also had trouble.

Dr. We Swear was on hand with his own special branch of medicine, before disappearing with Machelle and Teresa.

T1G courageously bounced The Munchkin, and saved the beer. In answer to what he had under his John kerry kilt, I'd have to guess it was a "Purple Heart" or two...

Alex thankfully spotted Evil Glenn lurking in a corner dressed as an Altar Boy, and kept him away from the Punch.

But the award for Best Costume has to go to Father - Oh Johnny and his Extreme Confessional. The prize? He gets the footage of Tammi's dancemat performance! Do what you will with that, Johnny, and congratulations!

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