Sunday, August 08, 2004

In Praise of Grandparents

Blogbrother _Jon, of "We Swear" has a great quote on mortality

It's certainly something I hope to see.

My wise Irish Granny used to say: "When you hold the child of your child in your arms, life comes full circle".

The flippant side of me wants to add: "And when you can give it back at the end of the day and go get some sleep, that's even better!"
I can't wait for grandchildren...

Being adopted, it was probably the best feeling in the world to watch my parents take such delight in Tara, their first grandchild. I was so pleased and proud to have given something back. It's hard to explain. I hadn't really given much thought to being adopted before I gave birth, but it made me think of all they did for me, and how awful I was as a teenager. To have given them this incredible gift fills me with sheer joy.

And they're not bringing her back till seven!

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