Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hello Sailor!

As I've mentioned, we're big on pickles in this house. (Except Alex, he loathes them). Tara and I are especially fond of pickled cucumber. The little ones. Mmmmm.

Anyway, I was running her bath today, setting out her bath toys and various empty bubble - bath bottles ready for her to play with, and decided to have a quick snack.

Tara asked if she might have a pickled cucumber, and I didn't see any reason why not. Next thing I know, Alex is shouting at her and comes in saying:

"She's only put a cucumber in Mr Matey!"

I fell about laughing.

"Perhaps she felt sorry for him after a long voyage", I replied.

Neither of us could keep a straight face to tell her off after that.

Poor Mr Matey. He had to be thrown out. No more "interestiing adventures" in her bath with naked Barbie for him!

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