Tuesday, August 03, 2004


A great hobby of mine. I like to cook nourishing, tasty meals for my family, but I don't really eat much myself. What I LOVE to do, is read about food. Ever since I was a child, for some bizarre reason, I've always relished descriptions of food in print. When "gastroporn" came into it's own, during the last decade, I bought all the cookbooks, and watched all T.V programmes. I thank God every day for the internet and have a folder of favourite recipe sites. Alex indulges me in this. Once, when he was away, we we chatting on A.O.L, and he took me to the Russian Tearooms for a virtual banqet. Sadly, it's now closed.

Southern American cuisine has always been a favourite. You know, real Elvis style food. I'm the only person I know who eats sweet potatoes. I've started adding cranberry sauce to them, to the disgust of my family. I came across a recipe in a Nigella Lawson book for ham with a coca-cola glaze. How cool is that? The thing I HAVE to try though is the pineapple casserole I read about in this book. Pineapple casserole? Nobody here had heard of such a thing, but online, there's a million different versions!

It's another reason to enjoy reading Pat Conroy. He writes so well about the South, and food!( I'm going to visit Charleston someday, I swear. And Graceland - talk about opposites in terms of style!). If I ever get there, I'm coming back ten pounds heavier.

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