Monday, August 30, 2004

The Family Business 

Another part of Tara's report states that she is a "prominent figure in a group of five very strong-willed girls". This was true. They practically ran the pre-school during their Reign of Terror. They were all notorious members of what came to be known as "The Lunchtime Food-Swapping Ring".(A serious issue given that some children had allergies)

We were once joking about the future staff turnover in the local Primary school when they all moved up, and which teacher was unfortunate to enough to have which combination of these children. I was laughing too. Then they stopped and looked at me. "Well at least Tara's going to a different school!".(She is. She's going to the local Catholic school to torment my horrible ex-boss). I had to agree that the teachers probably had enough to cope with having only two of the gang in each class.

Alex took her shopping for uniform the other day, and by all accounts they ran into one of these other children there.

"How did it go?", I asked him.

"We only ran into one of the Heads of the Five Families", he sighed.

Did I mention how much this man makes me giggle?

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